"Bellvehí Advocats is a law firm with proven experience in providing advice to Asian companies, price Chinese companies in particular, that wish to find commercial opportunities or are intending to set up business in Spain”

Bellvehí Advocats has offices in Barcelona, Girona and Madrid and has extensive experience advising importers and distributors of Chinese companies, as well as advising Asian companies, Chinese companies in particular, that are intending to set up business in Catalonia and Spain or that only wish to have business relations here.

Asian DeskBellvehí Advocats also provides advice to and supports Catalan and Spanish companies that wish to export or set up business in Asia-Pacific by offering the Bellvehí Internacional service.

The Bellvehí Internacional service operates by means of setting up multidisciplinary teams (legal, tax, strategic and marketing consulting, logistics, customs agent services, etc.) and that include professionals from the firm and other consulting service firms with which Bellvehí Advocats works in close collaboration, allowing it to provide comprehensive services to its clients.

Bellvehí Advocats is highly specialised in international trade, innovation, new technology and tourism, which makes it a very attractive firm for Asian companies. Furthermore, from a geographical standpoint, it has offices in Girona and Barcelona and has a close relationship with law firms and professionals in the south of France, which makes it a specialised firm that is very closely connected to the Mediterranean Corridor, the main Spanish commercial centre, connecting the ports of Valencia, Tarragona, Barcelona and Palamós to France and Europe by road and rail, forming one of the most powerful Euro Regions in Europe.

The Girona area is becoming an important logistics centre that, through the intermodal station in Figueres and Perpignan, attracts all kinds of Asian companies that unload their products in the ports of Valencia, Tarragona or Barcelona and then transport them by road or rail to their logistics hubs where they sometimes process them and then distribute them throughout Europe.