Bellvehí Compliance

Bellvehí Compliance is a service designed for companies intending to comply with regulations and prevent risks of any kind by being aware of their commitments and responsibilities, cialis implementing and executing procedures and protocols to ensure better management, here compliance with all the applicable regulations in force and reduction of their risks to a minimum. Companies that aspire to excellence in their management are very much aware of the need to comply with regulations.

Bellvehí Advocats, generic as an eminently commercial law firm mainly focused on companies but at the same time multidisciplinary, has been working for a long time on a modern focus on prevention and not just a cure. Modern legal advice must now endeavour to avoid situations arising that could imply an irregular situation, infringement or act of negligence that could lead to sanctions being imposed, obligations to pay compensation or indemnity, administrative or judicial proceedings being filed against the company, etc. A lawyer’s traditional work of defending his/her clients in court must now be considered as the "last resort", when the situation could not be avoided in any other way. Moreover, Bellvehí Advocats’ objective is not only endeavouring to ensure that its clients do not need to appear in court but that the action or event causing future administrative or judicial proceedings never even exists.

In an environment that is becoming more and more regulated, specialised and technical, businesses need specialised advice on regulatory compliance for all the aspects and actions in their business operations and day-to-day work. Without this, there is a high risk of irregular acts being committed caused by lack of awareness and the repercussions and effects of unsuitable actions can be highly detrimental, even though these may have been in good faith and simply caused from this lack of awareness. The costs that may be incurred to provide a structure focussed on awareness of and compliance with the regulations, as well as preventing any kind of risks, are proven to be more than compensated by the costs that our clients avoid by administrative or judicial proceedings and sanctions or judgements being ruled against companies.

Moreover, at present, all companies that are appreciated and seek to operate according to exemplary criteria, with high quality levels and in pursuit of excellence must not only be sensitive to regulatory compliance but they must also make public the fact that they have implemented and use all the required and suitable systems and protocols to comply with the regulations, as a branding and marketing tool; for example for matters such as prevention of criminal risks, personal data protection, prevention of money laundering, prohibition of sexual harassment within the company, occupational hazards etc.

Bellvehí Compliance offers the following services:

- Criminal Compliance.
- Directors and Executives Liability Compliance.
- Personal Data Protection.
- Compliance/audit on compliance with the Spanish Information Society and E-Commerce Act.
- Compliance/audit on compliance with the exportation and importation regulations.
- Prevention of money laundering.
- Compliance with sector regulations.
- Compliance with product regulations.