Bellvehí Innovation 

Bellvehí Innovation is a professional multidisciplinary service aimed at innovation, buy research and development as well as new technologies and the information society.

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Bellvehí Advocats is highly focussed on innovation and technology and this is why its professionals are specialised in the regulations (legal and tax) related to Intellectual Property Law (copyrights) and Industrial Property Law (patents and trademarks), try as well as the legislation on Information Society Services, pharm Internet and Telecommunications Law and Personal Data Protection Regulations.

Bellvehí Advocats has specialists in all the fields that concern or are related to the world of innovation and technology, such as Commercial, Civil, Administrative and Tax Law.

As Bellvehí Advocats is also a specialist in certain fields and sectors, such as tourism and international trade, the combination of these specialities, along with its specialisation in innovation and technology, provides added value and its experience about modern projects, which is the best possible for our clients.

Sectors such as biotechnology, photonics, nanotechnology and many others, all related to advanced materials, are the present and future of the country’s economy and we endeavour to keep track of all the required needs for advice in order to be able to provide the best possible service.

Bellvehí Innovation does not only offer legal services, but also an additional innovation consulting service, along with comprehensive services such as trademark and patent registration, economic, strategic and financial consulting services, searches for project funding, strategic partners or investors, etc. This scope goes far beyond just the legal field and Bellvehí Advocats achieves this through a network of collaborating companies that allows it to set up comprehensive teams adapted to every need.

The services provided by Bellvehí Innovation are as follows:

-   All the services included in the General Departments of the Firm

-   Innovation and Technology

- Industrial and Intellectual Property

At Bellvehí Advocats we believe companies that innovate and invent or obtain successful results from research are those that have a future, but it is also important that they export them.

However, these innovations, inventions or results must be duly protected, otherwise all the efforts made will be lost and others can then profit from them. This is why it is so important to seek suitable advice on industrial and intellectual property. It is important to know whether a work can be protected by copyright or whether an invention is patentable, along with the best strategy to adopt. Furthermore, this is one of the main assets of an innovative company and it is important to work with trustworthy advisors that can provide it with comprehensive services.

Bellvehí Advocats works closely with patent and trademark agents and adopts strategies and uses processes in its clients’ interest.

Bellvehí Advocats also has extensive experience in intellectual or industrial property infringement disputes both on a national and international level.

- Protection of Ideas, Technology and Know-How (confidentiality)

An idea, specific technology or know-how can be the main asset of a business and it can be a very strategic and important decision to keep them strictly private and confidential.

Confidentiality agreements must be well drafted and it is important that advice is provided and they are drawn up by professionals with suitable knowledge and experience. The same is applicable to collaboration agreements with suppliers or strategic partners when there is a transfer of confidential information and technology or know-how and it is very important to know the framework of this type of relationship.

Bellvehí Advocats has extensive experience in the legal defence and protection of ideas, technology and know-how both on a national and international level.

- Business Exploitation of Innovation

Coming up with a good idea is sometimes the easiest thing in the world, but after that it is essential to know how to exploit this idea correctly.

Bellvehí Advocats, with its vast national and international experience in commercial law, can provide advice on the best legal strategy to successfully exploit innovation.

At times, the best way to exploit an idea, invention or research result is through a commercial company, but another way is through a joint venture, purchase, franchise, distribution or agency agreement and it is not easy at all to make the right decision when the time comes to choose the best exploitation strategy.

As Bellvehí Advocats has both Tax Law and Labour Law Departments, it can provide advice on tax and labour issues related to the exploitation of innovation. For example, Bellvehí Advocats provides comprehensive advice on stock options and other bonus or incentive systems for partners or employees.

- Financing Innovation and its Exploitation

Getting a business project off the ground requires financing and usually self-financing is not enough.

Bellvehí Advocats provides advice and is very familiar with the different possible financing systems, such as venture capital, private investors, credits or loans, subsidies, etc.

Financing transactions require experience and expertise and it is added value for the client to rely on advisors who, besides providing advice, can also draw up all the necessary agreements, study the best tax advantages and negotiate with third parties in the clients’ interest.

- Marketing and Internationalisation of Innovation

It is not enough to be creative, innovative, inventive or to conduct research; you must also know how to sell this asset. Bellvehí Innovación helps to design the best marketing strategy (sale, license, agency, distribution, franchise, joint venture, merger, etc).

At present, the internationalisation of projects and companies is very important. Bellvehí Advocats offers the Bellvehí Internacional consulting services, which supports internationalisation by providing comprehensive services.

- Taxation of Innovation

There are many companies that innovate, invent or conduct research and that could take advantage of this work by obtaining tax benefits but are not doing so. Suitable advice in this field could save them a lot of money.

Bellvehí Advocats has a Tax Department with experience and expertise in taxation of innovation that provides significant added value to our clients.

- Economic, Financial and Strategic Consulting Services

Bellvehí Innovación is not only a legal service but also a comprehensive consulting service on innovation. It also offers its clients economic, financial and strategic consulting services.

Bellvehí Advocats has a network of collaborating companies that provides significant added value by allowing the firm to set up multidisciplinary teams adapted to our clients’ needs.

- E-Commerce

E-commerce has expanded exponentially and globally across the world. Bellvehí Innovación has vast expertise and experience in all national, European and international regulations on e-commerce that provides its clients with legal certainty and peace of mind.

Bellvehí Advocats provides advice both on aspects related to the legal requirements for compliance with website or electronic platform regulations and regulations on trade conducted over the internet, as well as more traditional issues such as transport, distribution, regulations on consumers and users, etc. Furthermore, Bellvehí Advocats has a Tax Law Department specialised in all the fields related to taxation of sales via the internet.

- On-line Gaming and Betting

Bellvehí Innovación provides advice on all aspects related to on-line gaming and betting; an activity that is in constant growth in which a great deal of interests and money are involved, which requires experienced specialists.

- IT Law (software protection)

IT programmes or software are works protected under the Spanish Intellectual Property Act, which means that their protection, as well as their exploitation, require advisors specialised in intellectual property and IT Law.

Bellvehí Advocats has a long background in the study and dissemination of IT Law and has gained extensive experience with a large number of clients that develop software and clients that have hired software developers.

Bellvehí Advocats also protects and defends software rights through national and international judicial channels and arbitration.

- Personal Data Protection

At Bellvehí Advocats, we provide comprehensive services on all aspects related to Personal Data Protection.