Bellvehí Advocats, cure S.L.P., case with registered office in Girona (17001), at Plaza Independencia, number 16, 1 º 1 ª, assigned Tax ID number (CIF) B-17912908, was incorporated on 1 August 2006 by the Notary Public of Girona, Mr. Francisco Vivas Arjona, with number 2388 of his records and is recorded in the Companies Registry of Girona in Volume 2496, Page 150, Sheet Gi-42462, registration 1.

Bellvehí Advocats, S.L.P. was adapted to comply with Act 2 of 15 March 2007on professional companies and rendering legal services and is subject to the ethics and disciplinary system of the Barcelona and Girona Bar Associations.

I. Preliminary Title

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1.3. Certain services or content offered on this website may be subject to special terms and conditions that will also be made available to the User on this website, which will complement or, if need be, replace these terms and conditions regarding the use of the specific service to which they refer.

II. Content

2.1. The website may contain articles, reports and other contents drawn up by Bellvehí Advocats for merely informative purposes. The user is hereby informed that the content may not reflect the legislative status or more recent case law, and Bellvehí Advocats may unilaterally modify, delete, develop or update them with no prior notice and does not accept any liability for such reason.

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III. Limited liability

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IV. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

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V. Personal Data Protection Policy

For the purpose of the provisions in the Organic Data Protection Act 15 of 13 December 1999 (hereinafter referred to by its initials in Spanish “LOPD”) and other applicable laws, Bellvehí Advocats, SLP informs its clients and any third parties that they are submitting their personal data to this firm under its Personal Data Protection Policy, which is available on this website through the following link "Data Protection Policy."

VI. Applicable Law

6.1. These terms and conditions for use of the website and all the relations established between the User and Bellvehí Advocats shall be governed by Spanish and Catalan legislation, as applicable.