Family Companies

  • Setting up, viagra Managing and Monitoring Family Offices
  • Specialised Personalised Advice on Management and Investment of Family Estate
  • Reorganisation of Family Estate
  • Tax and Family Business Planning
  • Family Protocols and Business Succession
  • Management and Solutions for Family Crisis and Disputes in the Company and Family
  • Advice to the Family Board, store Board of Directors and/or “Head” of the Family
  • Advice on Personal Liability Risks of Members of the Business Family and Planning and Coverage of these Risks
  • Advice on Project Financing
  • Setting Up and Managing Private Family or Business Foundations
  • Conciliation in Relations among Partners, assisting them in Adopting Decisions, drawing up Protocols between Partners and Shareholder Syndicates
  • Providing Ideas and Experience for Generational Change-Over of Partners, Partners, Executives Loyalty and Designing the Company’s Career Plan

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