Bellvehí Family Office

Bellvehí Family Office is a specific service provided to private companies, cheap mainly family companies, case in which Bellvehí Advocats has more experience and to which it can provide added value.

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In addition to all the general services that a law firm can provide to a company, tadalafil Bellvehí Family Office specialises in services that stand out because they require a high quality level and a great deal of experience due to being strategic for the partners or shareholders and very often for the family itself.

Therefore, issues such as family protocols, generational change-over, shareholder agreements, conciliation between partners or shareholders, advice to the Board of Directors or Family Board, etc. cannot be handled by everyone and need to be worthy of our client’s trust.

Furthermore, Bellvehí Family Office also focuses on business owners and their own personal needs and, when necessary, can offer them family office solutions for better management of their estates from both a tax and financial point of view and from a personal and family standpoint and for a better inheritance strategy by advising them on drafting wills and reorganisation of their family estate.

The services that are provided by Bellvehí Family Office are as follows:

-   All of the services included in the General Departments of the Firm. 

- Family Protocols

Most Catalan companies are family companies, which is a very positive thing in many cases and for many reasons but at the same time family ties can cause serious problems without good planning and regulation.

A family protocol is a very necessary tool, which is important to develop in times of social “peace” in order to be able to work well and with peace of mind and to be able to design a family strategy associated with the company, which governs important issues such as generational change-over, management and administration of the company, voting quorums for certain issues, spouses or children joining the company, paying out dividends, the remuneration of family members, career plans etc.

At Bellvehí Empresa Familiar, we draw up a great deal of family protocols and with each one we learn something new that we then apply to resolve the situations of other clients and in this way we have gained experience that makes us highly adaptable and decisive so that we can provide a solution when others cannot.

- Generational Change-Over

A generational change-over in family companies is a major issue that should be properly planned and executed, with or without a family protocol. At Bellvehí Empresa Familiar, apart from being specialists in commercial and tax law, we also specialise in wills and inheritance, which means we can provide advice on generational change-over not only focusing on the company but also on the family estate.

- Advice to the Board of Directors or Family Board

It is highly advisable for Boards of Directors and Family Boards to have experienced external advisors who can provide a different perspective and who know how to express it, providing added value.

With values such as honesty, professionalism and reliability, our clients trust us to attend their most personal and confidential meetings and ask us for our advice on certain matters for which others would not know the answers. Our advice is often based more on common sense, sound judgement and experience in many cases rather than on substantive law, in which we are of course well-versed, and this makes our advice so valuable to our clients.

- Settlement of Family Disputes in the Company

It stands to reason that in family companies disputes arise between members of the same family that negatively affect the family and the company and therefore appropriate action is required.

Our experience in conciliation of family disputes and in the search for appropriate settlements means that, in most cases, what seems to everybody else impossible to resolve ends up being settled.

There are plenty of tools and instruments that make it possible to settle a complex family dispute affecting a family company; however, you must know them well and know how to use them properly. At Bellvehí Empresa Familiar, we know how to settle disputes and we are proud of being able to do so.

- Shareholder Agreements

A shareholder or partner agreement is an instrument of great practical value, which is not used as it should be .

When launching a business project among various partners or shareholders, whether they are relatives or not, it is often important to sign a shareholder agreement. When disputes arise among shareholders, it is advisable for them to negotiate and sign an agreement. The agreement should be signed with any new partner or shareholder that joins the company.

At Bellvehí Empresa Familiar, we know only too well how useful a shareholder agreement can be and we know the potential that these documents have in many kinds of situations.

- Loyalty of Partners, Directors and Executives

The need for loyalty is not only required of employees but often of partners, directors and executives as well. Tools such as career plans, family protocols, partner or shareholder agreements, stock options, etc. allow us to address this issue in a specialised and different way.

- Stock Options and other Special Bonus Systems

Stock options or other special bonus systems can be very useful in certain circumstances, but require specialists that are very knowledgeable in this field and know how to provide advice on the commercial, tax, labour and strategic aspects of these solutions.

- Advice on Liabilities and Risks. Prevention

One of the most important issues in a company is the risks and liability of its partners, directors and executives.

At Bellvehí Empresa Familiar we are committed to preventing risks and liabilities and we always propose good advice so that partners, managers and executives can know what they must do to avoid needing to use their personal estate to cover the company’s risks, debts and liabilities.

In the event that the partners, directors or executives are held liable, we know how to defend them properly and how to avoid a judgement being ruled against them in all cases in which there is a possibility of this happening.

- Setting up and Managing Family Offices

Bellvehí Empresa Familiar, in the appropriate cases, provides the family office service, which involves a comprehensive consulting and management service for all aspects related to a business owner or family business, both regarding the business and its personal and family situation.

- Advice on Management of the Family Estate

Bellvehí Empresa Familiar provides advice on the management of family estate, whether it is real estate, financial or corporate assets. This advice is comprehensive and includes civil, tax, commercial and urban planning aspects or any other legal or economic consideration.

- Reorganisation of Family Estate

There are many reasons that may lead to the reorganisation of family estate, either for inheritance reasons or financial or tax reasons, etc.

At Bellvehí Empresa Familiar, we have the suitable expertise and experience to be able to provide comprehensive services on the reorganisation of family estate.

- Wills and Inheritance

The planning of wills and matters of inheritance are very important for a family, from both a personal and estate point of view, which is why it is necessary to give it the importance and attention it deserves when the time comes.

- Family Tax Planning

Family tax planning is very important and special attention and dedication should be given to it. This type of planning can be for inheritance, estate, business or financial reasons.

At Bellvehí Empresa Familiar, we have proven that there is nothing cheaper than the fees for good tax planning, because you can save a lot of money in the long run.

- Setting Up and Managing Private Family or Business Foundations

  • Civil Advice to Private Spanish Foundations
  • Advice to Associations, whether or not declared as a public utility
  • Tax Advice to Foundations and Associations
  • Labour Advice to Foundations and Associations
  • Intermediary Actions with the Autonomous Government of Catalonia (The Foundations and Associations Trust and Registry)
  • Advice to Public Foundations
  • Advice on Financing the Activities of the Foundation and Fundraising
  • Advice on performing economic business activities and holding stakes in companies by Foundations and Associations
  • Mergers and Spin-Offs of Foundations and Associations