Bellvehí International

Bellvehí Advocats is highly focussed on international trade, cialis which is why its professionals specialise in the (legal and tax) regulations related to Community Law (of the European Union and the European Economic Community) and International Commercial Law, sickness as well as international, bilateral and multilateral treaties.

Bellvehí Advocats is a firm specialised in Catalan export companies or companies that focus on exportation and therefore, based on the experience and circumstances of its clients, it has gained knowledge and experience in giving advice on exportation in many different sectors and a large number of countries, which allows it to provide added value and not only act as an advisor, but also as a leading strategic consultant and advisor.

At the same time, Bellvehí Advocats is also specialised and has a great deal of experience in advising Spanish companies that are distributors or agents of foreign companies, in particular European and Southeast Asian companies. The experience gained based on its clients’ cases also makes Bellvehí Advocats the ideal firm to provide legal advice and added value to importers and distributors.

Bellvehí Advocats has also provide advice to many foreign companies, particularly companies from Europe and Southeast Asia, on how to start up and do business with Spanish companies, setting up permanent establishments or companies, purchasing local companies or the formalities for joint ventures. For a long time, we have also gained a great deal of experience advising companies and individuals from the former Soviet republics in acquiring real estate properties in tourist areas, as well as tourist businesses.

Bellvehí Advocats has offices in Girona and Barcelona, as well as in Madrid and is in very close collaboration with law firms and professionals from the south of France, which means it is in a highly privileged position to know businesses very well to provide them with advice and the activities in the Mediterranean Corridor connecting the ports of Valencia, Tarragona, Barcelona and Palamós with France and Europe by road and rail, with the most important industrial area in Spain being developed around it and one of the Euro Regions with the most prospects for the future.

Bellvehí Advocats has many clients in the region of Alt Empordà (Figueres) and La Jonquera, which means it can experience first-hand the growing relationship between Catalonia and the south of France such as, for example, the projects for the intermodal stations of Vilamalla (Figueres) and Perpignan, which will become top rate European logistics centres.

For all of these reasons, Bellvehí Advocats has long realised that providing its client with comprehensive advice is necessary. Bellvehí Advocats is used to working in collaboration with other external professionals, such as customs agents, freight forwarders, patent and trademark agents, strategic consultants, marketing consultants, logistics advisors, etc., which all provides high added value to our clients.

With this experience, Bellvehí Advocats has set up a network of contacts and collaboration relationships that allows it, for each specific case, to set up multidisciplinary teams to provide services to exporting clients, making Bellvehí Advocats their sole contact person, which can offer comprehensive services in all the professional fields their cases require.

Therefore, Bellvehí International is not only a law firm specialising in international trade, but has become a consulting service for internationalisation and exportation, offering comprehensive services and training to its clients (include a link to training).

We want the best for our clients and we believe that Bellvehí International is the very best we can offer them in today’s world.

The services that can be provided by Bellvehí International are as follows:

-   All the services included in the General Departments of the firm

-   International Trade

- International Commercial Agreements

A large part of international trade is based on commercial agreements, most of which are purchase agreements, but some are also distribution, agency and franchise agreements, as well as other less common types that are nonetheless also used, such as agreements for logistics platforms, intermediary agreements with large shopping centres, private label production agreements or other atypical agreements drawn up according to our clients’ needs.

It is common for a large number of international commercial transactions to be carried out without written agreements but, in most cases, there should be an agreement to regulate the relationship between the parties in which important contractual clauses can be included to clarify the Incoterm to be used, the competent jurisdiction, applicable law, etc.

Bellvehí Advocats has experience in drawing up contracts of all kinds and its professionals are up-to-date in European and International legislation and the uses of international trade.

- Foreign investment in Spain and investment abroad

Bellvehí Advocats provides advice to its clients on investing abroad as well as on foreign investment in Spain. This advice includes commercial, tax and financial advice or advice on moving capital, depending on where the investment will be made or where the investment and the funds come from.

Bellvehí Advocats provides advice on setting up permanent establishments abroad, such as the incorporation or purchase of a company or the formalities for a joint venture.

- International Taxation

Bellvehí Advocats has a top-level tax department, which is highly specialised in international taxation.

International relations require expert advice on tax, above all for VAT, but also regarding transfer pricing in company groups, paying out dividends to foreign parent companies or the impact of these dividends for partners who are natural persons and the tax repercussions for executives’ remuneration, etc.

Bellvehí Advocats has contacts with law firms that are experts in tax in many countries worldwide, with which it collaborates in order to acquire knowledge about other tax laws and be able to provide better advice to its clients. Bellvehí Advocats relies on the support of international networks of tax advisors.

- International Transport

International trade is based on transport. The means of transport used for international trade is crucial and, depending on this, certain regulations, international treaties and Incoterms are applicable.

Bellvehí Advocats is specialised in trade carried out using any means of transport (multimodal, maritime, air, road or rail).

Transport of goods requires that agreements, procedures and documents must be drawn up, which require expert advice. It is also common that in the international transport of goods there are incidents or losses due to theft, damage to cargo or accidents which lead to international claims and lawsuits.

In international transport of goods, insurance covering the carriage of goods is very important and is a field that requires expertise, which the client quite often lacks.

At Bellvehí Advocats, we assist our clients in correctly carrying out the formalities and suitably drawing up their international trade documents. We also help our clients train their staff.

- International Payment Methods and Guarantees

The question of the payment method to be chosen and the guarantees to be provided to ensure collection are of great importance in commercial agreements.

Bellvehí Advocats is specialised in advising and training clients on payment methods (SWIFT transfers, letters of credit, documentary credits, reverse factoring, flat rates, etc).

-International Trade Insurance

It is very important to take out the right cargo insurance for international trade and international transport of goods, which is a complex matter that requires expert advice.

Bellvehí Advocats provides advice to its clients on insuring the goods that they sell or buy in order to avoid problems in the future.

- Innovation and Technology

- E-Commerce

E-Commerce is a kind of international trade in which individuals and companies buy goods from other countries through electronically. However, technology does not yet provide us with a way for these goods to be transported electronically and so distribution, transport, insurance, etc. is still necessary, in the same way as for traditional trade.

As Bellvehí Advocats is a specialist in international trade, innovation and technology, it is the ideal law firm for companies that sell or intend to market their goods and services through e-commerce. It has a large number of clients that already market their goods and services through e-commerce in the textile, furniture, tourism sectors, etc. and has gained extensive experience in this field.

- Debt collection

Unfortunately, since 2007, due to the crisis affecting Europe, Bellvehí Advocats has become highly specialised in international debt claims. These claims have been filed against both foreign companies owing money to Spanish companies and Spanish companies owing money to foreign companies.

Bellvehí Advocats always attempts first and foremost to recover debts out-of-court and settle the matter amicably but, if there is no other option, the firm handles the judicial claims through its network of contacts with lawyers in other countries.

- Judicial Claims and International Arbitration

Bellvehí Advocats has gained a great deal of experience in international litigation and dispute settlement at an international level.

These international disputes are often related to recovering debts, but can also involve patent or copyright infringement, unfair competition, damages, termination of agency or distribution agreements, etc. The cases can be diverse and it is important to have advisors that are specialised in these kinds of disputes.

Bellvehí Advocats has a network of international contacts that means it can deal with these cases with the utmost speed and the highest guarantees.

- Strategic and marketing consulting services

Exportation is not simple and to do it well strategic planning is required with good knowledge of the resources needed and those available and it often also requires commercial and marketing planning.

At Bellvehí Advocats, we rely on the collaboration of external professionals and companies to support our clients on matters related to strategy and marketing.

- Logistics and Customs

Logistics has become increasingly important for international trade. The costs and risks largely depend on logistics and companies today cannot afford to incur more costs than those necessary or more risks than those that are inevitable, and therefore the best logistics operation is required.

At the same time, for exportation or importation to and from certain countries outside the European Union, it is important to be able to rely on the advice and support of a good customs agent to resolve any problems or doubts, to act on behalf of the client and who will also report developments or changes in the sector or the client’s products.

Bellvehí Advocats relies on the collaboration of customs agents, freight forwarders and logistics experts, which allows it to provide a much more comprehensive service to its clients.