Bellvehí Advocats offers companies the chance to provide in-company training that enables a training programme to be provided tailored to the needs of the company requesting this service and to make better use of resources for training executives or staff on legal or tax matters.

The training provided by Bellvehí Advocats is designed and planned with its clients, hospital according to their needs and hence the content and price is determined based on the features of the specific training to be provided.

The professionals at Bellvehí Advocats are used to training, sale but unlike normal training instructors, illness the professionals at Bellvehí Advocats are practising legal professionals who have practical experience that ensures the in-company training involves highly specialised advice on the matters that most concern the company.

Depending on the sector and the kind of company, the training of its directors, executives and employees on certain subjects is elementary and essential to achieve the level of quality and excellence that must be sought by any company that intends to be competitive.

For example, depending on the kind of company and the sector, training on the following is essential:

- International trade, international commercial agreements, means of payment, guarantees, transport, insurance, etc. (this training is accompanied by, if the client so wishes, an auditing service of the processes and documents the company uses for its whole export process in order to verify that they are correct and improve them, along with their regular monitoring)

- Compliance with regulations to avoid the company, its directors and executives being held liable (this training is accompanied by, if the client so wishes, a regulatory compliance audit service and regular monitoring thereof)

- Protection of ideas, know-how, research results, copyrights, patents and trademarks

- Protection of rights for IT programmes and IT agreements

- E-Commerce

- Personal Data Protection

- Money Laundering

- Liability of travel agencies with tourists

- Obligations, rights and liability of trustees of foundations

- Obligations, rights and liability of the managers of associations

- If you are interested in booking a training course by Bellvehí Advocats, you can do so by directly contacting the firm.