Bellvehí Tourism

Bellvehí Advocats was a pioneer in setting up an independent and comprehensive legal department dedicated to the tourism sector in general and particularly to its operators.

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The tourism sector has been and continues to be the main driving force behind both the Spanish and Catalan economies. Since it is becoming more and more regulated and increasingly complex, seek we have been detecting for a long time the need for highly specialised and comprehensive advice in order to achieve suitable and effective solutions that provide added value.

Bellvehí Tourism has a skilled team available to handle any questions that affect an operator from the tourism sector by analysing these questions from the standpoint of this specific sector and not from the point of view of a general department with no experience in this field.

For example, viagra 60mg apart from offering expert advice on Tourism Law, stomach Bellvehí Tourism also provides tax, labour, commercial, urban planning and financial advice, while making its desks specialised in the French, Russian, Asian, Latin American, Moroccan and Turkish markets available to its clients.

Our specialisation in the sector has allowed us, for example, to offer preventive legal training to travel agencies in order to reduce the claims filed by tourists and the liabilities of these agencies. Furthermore, we are well-versed in the case law of the numerous claims filed against agencies and we know the best way to protect our clients’ interests.

Another good example of the need for expert advice is “condohotels.” How could anyone possibly imagine carrying out a project to create a condohotel without top-level expert legal advice? It is the same for timeshares, hotel management, package travel agreements and so many other fields that require in-depth knowledge of the sector and the specific laws that affect it.

The services provided by Bellvehí Tourism are as follows:

-   All the services included in the General Departments of the firm.

-   National and International Tourist Contracting.

-   Electronic Tourist Contracting.

-   Specialised tax and labour advice for operators in the tourism sector.

-   Preventive law training for operators in the tourism sector.

-   Legal relations with tourists.

-   Advice on dispute settlement in the tourism sector through arbitration, conciliation or through judicial channels.

-   Real Estate and Urban Planning Law in the tourism sector.

-   Comprehensive legal advice on tourist projects.

-   Financing tourist projects.

-   Authorisations and licences.

-   Relations with the Tourism Authorities.

-   Tourism Regulations.

-   Administrative and Jurisdictional Urban Planning Resources.

-   Audits of Compliance with the Regulations: Regional, National, European and International regulatory monitoring.