The law applicable to international agreements

When a business owner decides to enter into contract with a foreign company, medicine one of the questions to consider is which law will be applicable to the agreement. As can be imagined, tadalafil the laws of each country can be different and, vialis 40mg for example, at the time a commercial agreement is terminated, the obligations for each party can be different depending on whether the law of one country or the other is applicable. Therefore, this is no trivial matter and in order to find out the consequences that could arise from an international agreement, we must know which law is applicable to the agreement binding both parties.

Contractual guarantees

Since the change in the economic scenario, price the way of doing business, guaranteeing payment and fulfilment of obligations have also changed.

During the time of the economic boom, the usual and most common way of guaranteeing payment was through credit insurance, normally with “Crédito y Caución” and CESCE although there are other insurance companies that also offer this product, however the system has drastically changed in these times of crisis.